IT’S NEW! (Feb, 1959)

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TRI-OPTIC LENSES for the near-blind give high magnification for near and far vision, normal peripheral vision for localization of objects.

PORTABLE TV set by GE. battery-powered and transistorized. has full selectivity. Cost of transistors keeps it off market for the present.

STOL OTTER, experimental DeHavilland plane, has high lift flaps, thick aura of secrecy. Canadian outfit is testing it on a runway tow rig.

FIRE DETECTION device developed by Minneapolis-Honeywell reacts to smoke, fire, combustible vapor. Ultraviolet sensitivity does it.

SKID-LID WIG made of tough nylon does duty as a crash helmet lor ultra-feminine motor-cyclists or scooter passengers. The inventor is Raymond, a London hairdresser.

TIRED FEET do less damage to floors in lumberjacks’ homes than do naked hobnails. Logging superintendent G. W. Nutter of Mollala. Ore., models portable floor protectors.

FINGER SAVER and nail-holder from Belgium is made of rubber, holds six sizes of nails, is especially useful for driving the smaller sizes. Gizmo pulls out for last tap.

ROCK’S READY to roll in this handsome Hun sportster, an eight-cylinder Horch that Hitler gave to Eva Braun. Actor Hudson uses it in a movie. It cost Adolf a cool $11,000.

  1. Sean says: January 11, 201212:55 pm

    Wouldn’t you prefer to be nearly blind than to wear those?

  2. Nomen Nescio says: January 11, 20122:31 pm

    if we were still making glasses out of actual glass, my pair wouldn’t be very much thinner than that.

    okay, i’m exaggerating, but not by as much as i’d like. wearing those must’ve got exhausting — the full set must’ve weighed in at several hundred grams. thank goodness for polycarbonate!

  3. Hirudinea says: January 11, 20125:56 pm

    @ Sean – Gentlemen seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses, but if her eyes were that bad she wouldn’t have noticed anyway.

  4. Toronto says: January 11, 20129:29 pm

    Otters were always pretty STOL – and had been flying since ’52 I think.

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