IT’S NEW! (Jul, 1956)

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EMERGENCY FLOATS being tried here by Sikorsky S-55 helicopter can be inflated by pilot for any unscheduled landings on water.

TV COMBAT CAMERA developed by Army enables scout to send up-to-the-minute battle pictures to command post.

VACUUM CLEANER built by U. S. Hoffman Machinery Corp. weighs 15 tons, cleans runways of rubble to protect jet intakes.

SHOPPER’S MAILBOX, newly designed for people carrying a week’s provisions from the supermarket, was tried out recently in Washington, D. C. Foot pedal should be useful during Christmas rush.

EYE REACTIONS are recorded by camera as headclamped testee looks at boxes for Folding Paper Box Association’s study of sales appeal of various types of packages.

ARTIST IN STRAW. Berliner Friedrich Pruss von Zglinicke makes elaborate pictures of pieces of straw glued to wooden placards.

AVERT YO EYES. SUH! This lady is a cop and she’s hoisting her Roscoe. New holster is being tried out in Baltimore. Md.

HOLD IT! New TV tube (right) freezes selected images. Developed by Hughes Aircraft, it’s primarily an airborne radar weather aid. can retain an image up to three minutes for study.

DENTAL PANORAMA rivaling Grand Canyon is what you get with this new X-ray camera that takes all the teeth at one go.

TOY TRACTOR, radio-controlled, climbs 45-degree grades, can be operated at distance of over 200 yards. Made in Germany.

ROOF FIRST is the rule in new Army construction; concrete slabs for root floors, are raised on hydraulic hoists, then supporting walls are erected. Photo taken at Ft. Devens, Mass.

  1. Stephen Edwards says: January 31, 20128:53 am

    Why do they always depict women in these scientific torture devices (eye scanner, dental X-ray)?

  2. Jari says: January 31, 201210:46 am

    Stephen: Better that than Boris Karloff….

  3. Charlene says: January 31, 20123:16 pm

    @Jari Speak for yourself…

  4. Hirudinea says: January 31, 20125:18 pm

    @ Stephen – Because they’ll do it of course.

  5. Eye Tracking From July 1956 | says: July 31, 20129:01 pm

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