IT’S NEW! (Nov, 1956)

Wow, those glasses are basically a reflecting telescope.

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HIGH GRADE GRAVEL, freshly hand-sifted from Colombian emerald mine. Gems will bring as much as $11,500,000 per pound.

REAL COOL, say Transit Authority men Joseph O’Grady and Charles Patterson as they dig New York subway air-conditioning.

PERFECT IRON CRYSTAL with tensile strength of 1,900,000 pounds per sq. in. has been grown in General Electric lab.

MIRROR LENSES for partially blind provide 320 per cent magnification, said to be quite distortionless, through the use of multiple mirror reflection.

BLOWN UP SHOES reduce Tommy’s foot pressure, keep him from being blown up as he explores terrain with mine detector. They’re being tested by Royal Engineers.

SLINGSHOT RESCUE: frogman is moving forward faster than the rescue craft as tensioned cord device pulls him aboard. Device allows men to be picked up at speed.

TINY COMPRESSOR run off jet engine of DC-8 passenger plane produces enough cold air to cool seven average dwellings. It’s a new Carrier Corporation product.

  1. PoppyJoe says: April 2, 20124:23 pm

    I’d forgotten the car kits in the Almquist Engineering ads – as I remember they ran well into the 1960s – many of us young lads dreamed of putting one of those fiberglass bodies on some old Chevy or Ford chassis for an instant sports car. Thanks for the memory!

  2. Toronto says: April 2, 20127:57 pm

    Cassegrain ‘scope design almost makes sense there, but man they look weird! (Then again, a legally-blind friend used to leave nose prints on my tv screen, so weird is relative.)

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