IT’S NEW! (May, 1956)

Wow, Ken Garritt must have some pretty strong wrists to hold up a 160 pound bike that way. Maybe one of the dynamos powers an anti-grav unit.

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SNAZZY RUNABOUT, by sports car designer Brooks Stevens, mounts a 30-hp Evinrude Lark motor, has bucket seats and costs a mere $11,000.

FISSION FASHION. Suit designed to protect wearer from atomic fallout gets a big yak in Chicago. Fifteen-oz. silk garment is meant to be earned as emergency armor.

HOME-BUILT BIKE owned by Briton Ken Garritt weighs 160 lbs., has 24 gear ratios, three dynamos that power 17 lamps, lour direction finders and real cool twin horns.

LANDING CRAFT RETRIEVER built for Army by R. G. LeTourneau. Inc., of Longview, Texas, can lift boats up to 67 tons, launch or beach them easily.

SUMMER SKIS now being used in Austria for snowless practice sessions can reproduce all skiing movements. Hand brakes control rear wheels of the tricycle skates.

NAVAL ENGAGEMENT between tiny fleets on electrified Italian game board is a speeded-up version of old graph paper game. The admiral at right is cheating.

SMALL DOCTOR’S KIT devised by Dr. Harry Baraett of Chicago holds essential instruments. medications and therapeutic equipment stays in hip pocket ior emergencies.

ADJUSTABLE GOAL comes down for pint-size hoopsters, was developed by educators in Midland. Mich. Moving frame’s of lightweight magnesium to cut strain on supports.

IRON CURTAIN IRON: Soviet Byelka (Squirrel) comes in two models in ’56— passenger job and (right) watertight stream-forder with four-wheel drive.

RCA RECEIVER UNIT strapped to helmet relays orders to combat soldiers. Signal Corps is also testing an RCA shirt-pocket walkie-talkie that sends a quarter-mile.

LONDON’S NEW CAB. first in generations, is neat but not gaudy. It carries three passengers amidships, any amount of baggage aft. Drivers will still wear mufflers.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 2, 20124:22 pm

    I love that boat, it looks like something Batman would go fishing in. Gotta love the ’50s, they’ed put fins on anything!

  2. Zeppflyer says: June 4, 20124:16 am


  3. Toronto says: June 4, 201210:40 am

    That’s cooler than the actual Batboat (http://www.javelinamx.c…).

  4. KevFin says: April 5, 20138:48 am

    I have this boat it’s one of two surviving originals. There may have been five built in total. I’m a year into the construction of a 16 piece (full scale) fiberglass mold set. Very interesting build. View it here: http://belfryboard.webs… I have about five hundred photo’s up on 34 pages and I update daily. Enjoy! http://www.boatsinthebe…

  5. Toronto says: April 5, 20135:48 pm

    KevFIn: Very cool.

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