It’s New! (Nov, 1968)

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It’s New!

AERIAL FIRE BUCKET being tested in South Vietnam dumps 450 gallons of aqua; refilling from river takes 15 secs.

INSTANT MONEY MACHINE in Paris operates round the clock, issues cash upon insertion of coded credit card.

ELECTRACYCLE. shown with swivel carrier, has 2-1/2-hp, 12V power plant can cover 60-100 mi. at speeds to 40.

MI TROPHY, top award presented at the 6th International Fly-In of the Popular Rotorcraft Assn., went to Bob Nesbit of Charlotte, N. C.

LIGHTNING-PROOF TENT with inflatable seat can be set up in seconds by hunter, farmer, soldier or workman caught in a sudden storm.

DEEP PEBBLE BED brings aircraft to sale halt in just 40 yds. after overshooting runway at 100 mph at Farnborough, England.

  1. Torgo says: January 9, 200911:55 pm

    The aerial fire bucket and the cash machine. Rarely are such useful developments featured.

  2. George says: January 10, 20094:54 pm

    Instant cash machine?! What a dumb idea, it’ll never catch on. I mean, who would want to get money in the middle of the night, and the bank teller’s union will set them straight. Well, maybe in France, but never in America.

    What? Oh, never mind.

  3. David Moisan says: January 11, 20098:22 pm

    Unfortunately, after the lightning-proof tent with inflatable seat was tested in a storm, it was found the fabric was not washable.

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