IT’S NEW! (Dec, 1956)

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ARMY “MULE,” new four-cylinder cousin of famous Jeep, is first military vehicle to carry load greater than its own weight. It can climb 72 per cent slope on rough terrain.

FRENCH STYLE taxi hailer will help do away with noise in Paris. City fathers are trying to quell unnecessary bedlam.

GOGGOMOBIL is tiny new four-seat, rear-engined German rig which gets claimed 61.4 miles to gallon, 60 mph top speed.

BREATH-TAKING is the word lor 34-year-old Dr. Robert Keast who recently set a new world’s record by staying underwater for 10 minutes, 58.9 seconds at a pool in San Rafael. Calif.

SHOOTING STAR is new Renault car designed to show progress in the adaption of a gas turbine engine to auto engineering. Vehicle has blue plastic body, maximum 270 hp at 28,000 rpm.

POWER SLEDS built by Pops for tots. Fan-powered Job above, 5/8 hp, glides over ice, hard-packed snow. Motor-driven wheel sled, right claws the ice up to 30 mph. It also has hand brake and steering wheel.

FIN-LIKE metal blades invented by Italian M. Antoni serve as combination oar and rudders, allow craft to change direction without losing speed and also to make a complete turn without boat moving forward.

WINE ROCKET, below, is used by Austrians to protect vineyards from hail. Rocket at right will spray silver iodide into hail clouds, convert hail to rain or wet snow. Twenty such rocket bases have been set up.

  1. scud says: May 12, 20099:08 am

    At first look I thought Pic1 was the HumVee prototype. On second look – no way 🙂

  2. jayessell says: May 12, 20098:34 pm


  3. Toronto says: May 13, 200912:38 am

    Isn’t the Gogomobile the official car of Modern Mechanix? Or is that the Chrysler Turbine car?

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