IT’S NEW! (Apr, 1956)

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WORLD’S BIGGEST COPTER hefts 7,800-lb. van. Built by Hughes Tools Co. for Air Force.

X-RAY MOVIE. U. of Rochester (N. Y.) film uses shaped fluorescent screen to show inside-outside movements simultaneously.

SOLAR FURNACE used at Cal Tech for melting heat-resistant metals like thorium and zirconium hits 5,600 degrees F. and over.

HOTHEAD. Rubber tester inhales radioactive particles that sneak through faulty lace masks. General Electric devised it.’ FLAWLESS CABLE spun from hundreds of wires by Cal Tech gismo will replace less reliable hand-spun cable on guided missiles.

TAIL TWITCHES of drugged rat in cage are recorded by Upjohn Company “ouch meter.” Gadget tests power of pain-killing drugs.

SHELL-LESS EGGS in a plastic packet are shown by their inventor, Prof. L. B. Carrah, to D. S. Kimball of Cornell trustees.

PICKLE BARREL of uranium recently went to New York University from Brookhaven Labs. Uranium, tubes, barrel weighed five tons.

MOON OFFICE business is being done by Robert Coles of Glen Cove, N. Y. He’s selling off the satellite at a buck an acre.

BUY A BLADE, BUD. New fur-lined Air Force parkas keep faces warm in arctic weather.

PORTABLE RAINMAKER being tested by British army unit for Air Ministry sends aloft invisible silver iodide-laden smoke.

HIGHWAY-FLYWAY vehicle is shown off at St Louis airport by owner Frazer Dougherty. It does 50 mph on road, 110 aloft.

SILAGE CUTTER, British, has an oscillating blade, electric-or-gasoline-powered, cuts silage, peat, manure at 12 feet a minute.

SKY-HOP serves first customer in nation’s first fly-in restaurant It’s at Daniel Field, forward-looking airport serving Augusta, Ga.

STEP SAVER for hausfraus. New German sliding table top can be set in the kitchen, then pushed easily into the dining room.

NOVERFLOW FUNNEL (that’s Mi’s name for it) has floating valve in neck that shuts it off when bottle is full. Made in Germany.

BIG LITTLE CAMERA, used by Paramount for Vista Vision wide screen shots from tough places, weighs only 17 lbs. including motor.

  1. slim says: December 3, 20092:28 pm

    They shipped 5 tons of uranium in a pickle barrel? OMG

  2. Firebrand38 says: December 3, 20093:08 pm

    slim: The total came to 5 tons. Uranium is 19 grams per cubic centimeter. Just using a 40 gallon pickle barrel:

    40 Gallons = 151416 Cubic Centimeters
    Uranium is 19 grams per cubic centimeter = 28769135 grams
    2876913 Grams = 6342 Pounds = 3.2 tons

  3. Tracy B says: December 3, 20093:37 pm

    The helicopter is quite interesting– it is made of parts from other aircraft. Not too successful…

    The Boeing Company also has a picture of this helicopter (multimedia, McDonnell Douglas, rare birds) on their website.

  4. Charlene says: December 3, 20099:29 pm

    The Air Force guy is giving the camera the finger!

  5. slim says: December 3, 20099:55 pm

    They shipped 3.2 tons of uranium in a pickle barrel? OMG

  6. Firebrand38 says: December 3, 200910:51 pm

    slim: No if they say it was 5 tons, it was 5 tons. I’m sure the barrel that they used was more than 40 gallons. I just used that number for illustration.

  7. Vozpit says: December 4, 20098:46 pm

    His finger froze like that.

  8. NefariousWheel says: December 5, 20091:54 am

    The uranium was shown in rods – could have been more aggregate volume than the volume of the pickle barrel.

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