It’s New! It’s Devilish! – Spam Spread (Nov, 1963)

It’s New! It’s Devilish!

It’s SPAM, but it spreads! So full of flavor one 3-oz. can will do all this:

A fresh idea in meat from Hormel

  1. BrianC says: January 11, 201212:10 pm

    “A fresh idea in meat from Hormel”

    It looks like “meat” should be in quotes.

  2. Kosher Ham says: January 11, 201212:41 pm

    It’s Spam but it spreads, and eventually will go viral over the internet in the future……
    Spam is made from pork shoulder and other parts of the pig that aren’t as desirable such as pork chops, ham, bacon and spareribs.

  3. Mike says: January 11, 20121:12 pm

    Wow, Spam started out being devilish and we still hate it (the unsolicited e-mail, not the luncheon meat. Yum.)

  4. Hirudinea says: January 11, 20125:58 pm

    I always thought Spam was a product of Beelzebub but its nice to see the company confirming it. 🙂

  5. ralph says: January 12, 20125:16 am

    Only one reply is possible here:…

    Spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs, spam and spam!

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