“Its not how long you make it…” (Oct, 1967)

Presented without comment.

“Its not how long you make it…
“It’s how you make it long!”
We make our long cigarette with an extra measure of that famous good taste that has made Winston America’s largest-selling cigarette! Buy a pack today.

  1. Repack Rider says: January 23, 200912:53 am

    I read a book called “Subliminal Seduction” that discussed the sexual symbolism used to sell products such as cigarettes that had no practical purpose, but had a conveniently phallic shape.

    It’s not like the ad writer did this by accident.

  2. Charlene says: January 23, 20095:38 pm

    Subliminal Seduction was mainly Wilson Brian Key having a dirty mind.

    This was not subliminal, and I doubt more than a handful of readers wouldn’t have “got it”. In 1967?

  3. Toronto says: January 23, 20095:46 pm

    Wait – they’re NOT selling tandem bicycles there?

    Hmm – dual sloping top bars so lousy triangulation, a single bake cable implying a coaster brake in back and a single speed. Yup, it DOES matter how you make it long.

  4. mc says: January 24, 200911:15 am

    This isn’t the only 1960s ad based on a sexual double-entendre that strikes people as in bad taste in our more permissive age. (Perhaps, because society is more permissive now, we take these things more literally.) Remember the Polaroid Swinger camera and the TV ad (“the Swinger says Yes”)?

  5. Charlie says: January 24, 200911:47 am

    This one is way, way, way dirtier:

  6. Eliyahu says: January 24, 20098:53 pm

    Perhaps they might want to reuse this ad for those “manhood enlarger” ads on television?

  7. fred says: January 25, 200910:28 pm

    look you clowns ..it’s quite obvious who that is..it;s smiling Bob’s grandfather

  8. Stephen Edwards says: January 26, 20091:18 am

    Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette

  9. cantsayit says: August 20, 20127:20 pm

    Thank you for HAVING this here! That song was in my head all day, and I couldn’t remember what they were advertising. I thought I remembered they sometimes added the “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” at the end of that song, but wasn’t sure if it was a Winston ad or not. Now I can sleep tonight!

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