IT’S THE LAW! (May, 1942)

I don’t know about in 1942, but I’m pretty sure that snooping on another person’s mail is against the law in every city and state.


by Dick Hyman

Moonshiners in Pittsburgh, Fa., are required by law to hang out a sign explaining that they are operating a still.

An Ogden, Utah, ordinance forbids the holding of picnics in cemeteries.

In Seattle, Wash., a 30-year-old ordinance decrees that it is “unlawful to use water during a fire”.

Snooping in another person’s mail is against the law in Fort Atkinson, Wis.

  1. cr0sh says: November 19, 20128:26 pm

    Is that name some kind of wacky joke?

  2. Zeppflyer says: November 20, 20122:12 am

    H’mm… Someone better inform: https://www.wiglewhiske…

    You know, just to make certain that they meet the specifics of the signage requirement.

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