It’s Time for Canning in the Tennis Factories (Aug, 1938)

It’s Time for Canning in the Tennis Factories
This is the season for canning corn—and tennis balls. Above, balls being packed in cans to keep them “live”

Thousands of Americans are smashing tennis balls over—and into nets in parks and club grounds and thousands more are engaged in busy factories where rackets, balls, nets and equipment are produced. What you see, above, is not a parking lot for balloons but hundreds of tennis ball centers on drying racks in a factory. They have been coated with cement and are awaiting the proper moment for being covered

Above, a final stage in manufacture of tennis balls; putting on outer covering, sewing and “spooling”—ironing the seams down. Below, at right, the beginning of a tennis racket. Here a factory worker is bending strips of ash into shape. Rackets must conform to high standards as to weight, balance and stress

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