Jantzen ad – any girl can be beautiful and new (Jun, 1954)

any girl can be beautiful and new

… thanks to Jantzen “shape – insurance”

“shape-insurance” is a marvelous new Jantzen figuremaking technique… the big sensation in swim suit design. It assures you continuous performance in the department of slimming, smoothing, curving and planing … moulds you a lovely bustline and holds it forever and ever via a sensational new bra interlining (technical name is ®Pellon … and only Jantzen has it). Left, “moonglow” taffeta 14.95 … center, “check date” ®Lastex-powered 19.95 … right, “side kick” Laton-powered 18.95, woven with ®Chromspun to give you forever color*. ..at most stores.

best of all swim suits

nothing does as much for a body as a Jantzen

  1. dergutie says: January 31, 201212:38 pm

    As I recall those suits would stand up by themselves, and the attributes of the girl had very little to do with the shape displayed when it was worn. If you gave your girl a full hug you could end up with a couple of bruises at the contact points!

  2. Charlene says: January 31, 20123:06 pm

    Any girl can be beautiful and new if there’s a whalebone corset in her swimsuit!

  3. Hirudinea says: January 31, 20125:13 pm

    @ Charlene – Well, whats in the suit anyway.

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