Jantzen Lastex-powered figure-control swim suits (Jun, 1949)

Jantzen Lastex-powered figure-control swim suits

there’s something about a Jantzen!

…there’s something about a Jantzen that’s bound to make you look wonderful, to make you feel wonderful, to inspire romantic ideas about you…and that “something” is genius. Genius is involved in the exclusive Lastex-powered fabrics that remodel your body along young graceful lines. Genius is involved in the efficient Jantzen girdle control and the effective bra-lift present in every girl’s suit…the flawless fit, trim athletic lines of men’s trunks. “Amourette”, girl’s suit, has a tricky slimming panel, comes in Jantzen Lastex-powered two-way-stretch pique, five glorious colors plus all-white, all-black, black with white panel, Rio red with white panel 11.95. “Militaire” the man’s trunks, Jantzen Lastex-powered sharkskin in seven smart color routines 4.95. Other Jantzen women’s suits 8.95 to 17.95… men’s trunks 3.95 to 6.95… at most stores.

  1. Stephen Edwards says: July 30, 201012:56 am

    “to inspire romantic ideas about you” is definitely the best euphemism I’ve heard all day.

  2. woid says: July 30, 20102:23 am

    Have you been watching Mad Men?

    Don had a bit of a problem with the Jantzen account this past week.

    Coincidence… or genius?

  3. Charlene says: July 30, 20105:02 am

    She’d probably be happier about it if he was actually looking at her and not vaguely off-camera.

    He might be looking for the SPCA, given that his dog is smoking a pipe.

  4. Kosher Ham says: July 30, 201010:39 am

    That’s true– he doesn’t seem to have his full attention on her. Perhaps he only likes fellows.

  5. Andrew L. Ayers says: July 30, 201012:49 pm

    Apparently Pete Hawley was something of a widely known pin-up artist:


  6. Johnny Q says: July 31, 20107:14 am

    It’s the dog with the pipe that really makes this work.

  7. Rick Auricchio says: July 31, 20109:02 am

    No, no, the guy’s suddenly got a toothache. That’s why he isn’t thinking of romance.

  8. Charlene says: August 2, 201010:07 am

    Given the artwork, I don’t think ol’ Ken there is feeling romantic about anyone.

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