Jap Cars Shown (Very Early Toyotas) (Jan, 1948)

Wow, this is just the beginning of Toyota’s reemergence after WWII. According to the blurb they only made about 2700 cars a year. Currently they are the second largest car company in the world and produce close to ten million cars a year. That car is actually kinda snazzy, it reminds me of a mashup of a BMW (the grille) and Beetle (the body).

Jap Cars Shown
These first products of Japan’s postwar Automobile industry, recently displayed in Tokyo, don’t mean that Nippon’s citizens will abandon their walking habits. The entire output of the Toyota Motor Co., at Nagoya, is only some 30 cars and 200 trucks a month. These will be sold to hospitals, to government agencies, and to business firms. The passenger car, seating four, has a 27-hp., four-cylinder engine, a speed of 54 m.p.h., and will average 40 miles to the gallon. The one-half-ton trucks have the same power plant, but a different gear ratio and will do about 30 miles on a gallon. The cars will sell for 250,000 yen ($5,000), and the trucks for the equivalent of $3,200.

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  2. nlpnt says: April 10, 20087:21 am

    The model SA car only lasted a year and a couple thousand copies; by 1949 taxi companies were starting up and/or replacing prewar vehicles, and for the next decade or so they’d account for most of the passenger-car sales in Japan. They demande four-door cars and the whole industry switched over to accomodate that.

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  5. Bill K. says: September 24, 201011:27 am

    The Toyota SA passenger car shown was developed during 1945-1946, and first introduced in January 1947, with a prototype completed at the time. Only four production cars emerged later that year. Eighteen were built in 1948. Further yearly breakouts are not available. By the time slow-going production of this model ceased in 1952, 215 had been built. The SB truck was also built from 1947 to 1952, though production figures aren’t currently available.

    It should be noted the the first postwar passenger car built by Toyota was the large AC sedan. Fifty were built in 1947, and three in 1948. This model had been in production in 1943 and 1944 as well. Only 115 were built, altogether. There was no passenger-car production at Toyota in 1945 and 1946, but the larger trucks were built during those years.

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