Jet-Age Custom Car (Sep, 1954)

What this really reminds me of is the car from The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Jet-Age Custom Car
No flames spout from the tail pipes of a custom-built three-wheeled car, but that is about the only difference between it and a space ship! The engine is a 60-horsepower V8 mounted in the rear. A single front wheel is suspended on a motorcycle fork. The sheet-metal body is welded to the frame. Air scoops on each side of the body ventilate the engine. The 10 tail pipes permit the hot air from the engine to escape. The unusual car was built by Stanley M. Eakin of Grove City, Ohio. It took six years of his spare time. Top speed is about 90 miles per hour.

  1. nlpnt says: October 21, 20075:12 pm

    Three words- Ambiguously Gay Duo.

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