Jet Racer (May, 1947)

Jet Racer below puts on a show for the camera before a test run on Rosamond Dry Lake, California. Gene Kelly, builder, reported that although the throttle was opened only a fraction, speed was 30 mph.

  1. Orv says: March 31, 20084:13 pm

    That looks to be a pulse-jet. The noise must have been deafening. They’re both inefficient at low speeds and notoriously hard to throttle.

  2. Charlie says: March 31, 20084:37 pm

    God, if that is a pulse jet it would be pretty deafening. There’s a reason they called them buzz bombs. My other thought was that it could be some kind of liquid fueled rocket. 1947 seems a little early for a home made jet turbine.

  3. Alan J. Richer says: March 31, 20086:06 pm

    Looking at that casing I would agree with the buzz bomb theorem. Personally, I would have wanted to be anywhere but near that thing….

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