Jumbo Suit Case Shows Size of Sedan’s Luggage Space (Oct, 1940)

Jumbo Suit Case Shows Size of Sedan’s Luggage Space

To SHOW dramatically the size of the luggage compartment in their sedans, the Hudson Motor Car Company built the jumbo “suit case” being eyed with evident dismay by the porter at the right. Nearly hiding the car, it has the same capacity as the car’s trunk —twenty and a half cubic feet.

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 27, 201112:32 pm

    Originally, the first trunks used on cars were nothing but a steamer trunk placed on the rear bumper.

  2. M.S.W. says: January 27, 20111:47 pm

    Looks like the type of trunk space the Mob would love…

  3. Toronto says: January 27, 20112:43 pm

    Charlie – please don’t tell my wife about that suitcase.

  4. hip2b2 says: January 27, 20113:30 pm

    Perfect for my wife (she packs as if the house is going to be robbed).

  5. David says: January 28, 20117:17 am

    The problem comes when you try to get that suitcase in the car’s trunk.

  6. M.S.W. says: January 28, 20117:49 am

    Now if only they came out with this car back between 1920 and 1933, bootleggers would have LOVED it 😉

  7. JMyint says: January 28, 201110:28 am

    From what I have read about the 1940 Hudson all of the advertising hid the back of the car because the only thing new was the front grill. In 1941 they came out with a really new model.

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