“Jungle” Is a Breadboard (Mar, 1962)

“Jungle” Is a Breadboard

THE electronic jungle in the foreground is the breadboard, or first working model, of the new miniature four-binary module held by a Bulova Research and Development Labs engineer at Woodside, N.Y. All the elements of resistance and capacitance to the prototype jungle are contained in the tiny device to be used as a timer in space vehicle controls.

  1. Kosher Ham says: August 27, 201011:34 am

    The small module was known as a cordwood module, where the components were stacked together not unlike a cord of wood. Interconnections were done at each end. Monolithic and hybrid IC’s made this electronic assembly technique obsolete.

  2. Andrew L. Ayers says: August 27, 20102:23 pm

    Hey, KH; thanks for posting that blurb. At first I thought you were BSing, but I reread your post and realized – no, I’ve seen modules like that, and that seems an apt description. A quick lookup, and a little surfing later, I found out about an interesting technology called “multiwire” boards…

  3. Kosher Ham says: August 28, 201011:43 am

    Yep, that’s it. The smaller the device, the better for use in aerospace.

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