Kaleidoscope Paints Television Screen (Oct, 1940)

Kaleidoscope Paints Television Screen
Kaleidoscope pictures have gone on the air. Just as musical selections fill interludes in sound broadcasting, the eye-pleasing patterns of light entertain “lookers-in” between television features from the National Broadcasting Company’s station W2XBS. To transform a kaleidoscope from a child’s plaything into a scientific novelty of 1940, engineers first photograph a simple design upon movie film. The film then passes through a studio projector tube lined with mirrors, which multiply the design eight times to produce a symmetrical image. Two auxiliary projectors make a frame for the pictures, and superimpose any desired words or symbols upon the designs.

  1. jayessell says: August 15, 20079:35 am

    Better than the current slideshow messages on my cable’s public announcements channel… 67 years later!

    Charlie…. this is an excuse to show my latest old video:


  2. Charlie says: August 15, 200710:14 pm

    Very cool Jay!

  3. jayessell says: August 17, 200710:34 am

    In this article the viewers are called “lookers-in”.

    One early article about television discussed what to call the television viewers.

    Dang…. now I have to go through all the TV articles here to find that!

  4. Jerry Farnsworth says: August 24, 20088:04 am

    Another Farnsworth (related to the inventor of TV) is creating kaleidoscope
    images in this modern time

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