Keep Sunny Summer Health – Drink Schlitz All Winter (Dec, 1936)

Keep Sunny Summer Health – Drink Schlitz All Winter

TO help retain the peak of sunny summer health—to help maintain rugged resistance to winter colds and sickness— drink Schlitz, with Sunshine Vitamin D.

As the summer sun heads south; as days grow shorter and stormier—we get less and less of sunshine’s benefits. Likewise, our ordinary foods are lacking in Sunshine Vitamin D, so essential to robust vitality.

Schlitz, with Sunshine Vitamin D *, gives you the sunny source of health you need the whole year around. Beer is good for you— but Schlitz, with Sunshine Vitamin D, is extra good for you. It has all the old-time Schlitz Flavor and Bouquet brewed to mellow ripe perfection under Precise Enzyme Control, with new health benefits . . . and at no increase in price.

Drink Schlitz regularly—every day — for health with enjoyment. Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

*Each 12-ounce bottle or can of SCHLITZ contains 100 U. 5. P. XL Units of Sunshine Vitamin D. SCHLITZ brewer’s yeast contains pro-vitamin D which is activated directly by the ultra-violet rays of the sun to form Vitamin D. (Protected by U. S. Letters Patent.) Schlitz WITH SUNSHINE VITAMIN-D The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous

  1. Don says: August 7, 200810:44 am

    That was pitcher Milt Famey’s beer! You know, the beer that made Milt Famey walk us . . . .

  2. slim says: August 7, 20086:26 pm

    I wonder if all beer contains Sunshine Vitamin D, or was Schlitz adding something. Also, I notice in the comment that pro-vitamin D only forms Vitamin D when activated by UV rays. Wouldn’t that negate it’s benefits during the winter? I think someone in advertising was being very creative.


  3. Eliyahu says: August 8, 20086:44 am

    Good timing, since the Schlitz brand is just now being returned to the market place after many years of absence.

  4. Michael Patrick says: August 8, 20088:59 am

    This is sound medical advice that I follow without fail.

  5. nlpnt says: August 8, 20086:44 pm

    Other beers are made, but Schlitz happens.

  6. Suzanne says: August 12, 20081:24 pm

    Like all things good for you, beer is an acquired taste!

  7. Wade George says: August 16, 20083:22 pm

    My doctor says I don’t have rickets any more but now I have cirrhosis!

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