Keep your eye on the D-500 . . . IT’S A REAL BOMB! (Sep, 1956)

Keep your eye on the D-500 . . . IT’S A REAL BOMB!

These days, more and more of you guys who know and love cars are “talking up” the fabulous Dodge D-500. And no wonder! This D-500 is a real bomb!

In official NASCAR acceleration tests at Daytona Beach, the Dodge D-500 licked all cars—regardless of size, price or horsepower.

This D-500 gets out of the chute like a jackrabbit. Hugs the road like a dirt track special. Hits the turns without any squeal. Handles like a gem.

Though it performs like an expensive custom job, this D-500 is actually the slickest-looking production car to come up Main Street. Under the hood is a 260 hp. mill rarin’ to go (with big 12-inch center-plane brakes to stop it)!

You can buy a D-500 at any Dodge dealership in the country in any body style you like. (Costs only slightly more than $100.00 over standard models.) And it needs only regular Dodge service to keep it in razor-sharp condition.

So get behind the wheel and drive a D-500 today. See your Dodge dealer.

Dodge D-500


  1. KD5ZS says: January 21, 20103:24 pm

    No wonder for years the CHP used Chrysler cars during the ’50’s and 60’s as patrol vehicles.

    Now it is the Dodge Viper.

  2. Jari says: January 22, 20106:11 pm

    That bomb word is a fine example, how the meaning of the words changes during the ages. I mean I wouldn’t buy a car described as a bomb.

  3. Don says: January 22, 20108:56 pm

    Jari, How about “bad” or “sick”? Tha’s one BAD car you got there; the speed it goes is SICK! (It took me a while to figure out “sick” was a compliment on the Scion xB list I hang out on once in a while . . . . )

  4. KD5ZS says: January 23, 20103:49 pm

    Or drive such a car to an airport– tsa would have a fit!

  5. Firebrand38 says: January 23, 20104:31 pm

    KD5ZS: Only if you try to drive it through the checkpoint?

  6. Jari says: January 23, 20106:24 pm

    Don: Exactly. I can’t imagine anyone saying “My GTLX-Turbo-VSOP gets out of the chute like a jackrabbit” in these days 🙂

  7. Firebrand38 says: January 23, 20106:50 pm

    Anyway, it seems that when this ad was made it was a common enough term that evolved over time.
    Hot Rod Model A’s in the fifties picked up the moniker of “A-bomb” and the rest is history.

    1952 Popular Science
    1957 Life magazine
    1963 American Motorcyclist (yeah, motorcycles)
    2004 Ultimate Hot Rod Dictionary

  8. Jari says: January 23, 20107:45 pm

    Okay, so that’s the origin of the expression. Thanks.

    Hmm… I think I need to swith to Firefox, as Googlebooks doesn’t seem to work properly with Opera…

  9. KD5ZS says: January 24, 201011:14 pm

    Then they detonated the real mccoy at bikini atoll providing inspiration for that bathing suit….

  10. Firebrand38 says: January 24, 201011:35 pm

    KD5ZS: Nope, sorry. Operation Crossroads at the atoll (which inspired the bikini name) took place in 1946 but thanks for playing.

  11. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 7, 201012:55 am

    I keep hearing things/people called ‘da bomb’ to this day.

    I don’t suppose the Ford people like the term after making Pintos though.

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