KENNEDY ANTENNAS… Probe the secrets of inter-stellar space (Sep, 1956)

KENNEDY ANTENNAS… Probe the secrets of inter-stellar space

Somewhere in the nearly empty reaches of outer space, two hydrogen atoms collide. After a 100-million year journey at the speed of light, the signal generated by that accidental collision reaches a super-sensitive radio telescope antenna in Massachusetts and is recorded — and so one grain more is added to man’s knowledge of the universe.

Modern miracles like this happen every day at Harvard University’s Agassiz Station Observatory, where a giant new radio telescope, with its 60′ Kennedy antenna, is taking man further back in time . . . and further out into space . . . than he has ever been before.

COHASSET, MASS. – TEL.: C04-1200

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  1. Tim says: April 14, 201112:50 pm

    More about this company here:

  2. Toronto says: April 14, 20112:20 pm

    I had to take a second look at this – at first I thought they might be devices for tracking certain members of the Kennedy family.

  3. John says: April 14, 20112:27 pm

    Toronto: Not necessary, you can just track them by the scandals.

  4. Hirudinea says: April 14, 20113:21 pm

    What do you mean I have to pay extra for the movie channels!?!

  5. Frank Coxe says: January 12, 20122:41 pm

    I’m looking for specs on the 60 foot dish supplied to the Air Force for missile tracking in 1956: motor parameters, focal length and max freq for the dish irregularities not to cause problems. A group of students at Princeton are considering restoring a TLM-18 in NJ for space studies.

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