My method positively prevents hair from growing again. Safe, easy, permanent. Use it privately, at home. The delightful relief will bring happiness, freedom of mind and greater success.

We teach Beauty Culture. Send 6c In stamps TODAY for Booklet. For promptness in writing me, I will include a $2.00 Certificate for Mahler Beauty Preparations.

D.J.MAHLER CO., Dept. 25N, Providence, R.I.

  1. Jari says: January 5, 201110:12 am

    Electrolytic hair removal. D J Mahler passed away in 1934, but the company still exists: http://www.instantron.c…

    I have an battery operated epilator in my “odd electronics” collection; I just can’t imagine someone pushing that long, very thin needle to the hair follicle and keeping it there for a while and then repeating it for every single hair to be removed…

  2. Charlene says: January 5, 201110:44 am

    Anyone else got an Elmer Fudd ear worm going on right now?

  3. Jari says: January 5, 201110:55 am

    Charlene: Thanks for the mental image… 🙂

  4. Mike says: January 5, 20115:12 pm

    Well he is a “Beauty Specialist”

  5. blokeice says: January 20, 20115:50 am

    hmmm… given the time this sounds like it might have involved radiation or something; electrolysis takes quite a long time and is not “safe and easy” (mostly the easy part). What do you people think?

  6. Jari says: January 20, 201111:45 am

    blokeice: You could have just checked the link.

    Excerpt from the linked page: “I have every confidence that electrolysis is the only positive and permanent way to remove unwanted hair forever and that the integrity of the treatment depends entirely upon the skill and expertise of the electrologist.”

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