Killing Flies by Electricity (Sep, 1914)

Killing Flies by Electricity

THE latest application of electricity is that of killing the green fly by means of an electric spark. This fly is a species found on rose trees and is exceedingly disastrous to the flowers. Heretofore, considerable difficulty has been experienced in ridding rose trees of these pests but the electrical method recently devised is proving both practical and efficient.

Briefly, the fly-killing apparatus consists of a small spark coil, spark gap, high frequency transformer, switches and other accessories. A flexible conductor conveys the current from the high frequency transformer to a brass ball electrode fitted with an insulating handle so that it may be held without danger of shock.

To use the apparatus, the electrode is brought near the flies on the rose-bushes. A spark then jumps from the electrode to the tree and kills the flies, the current passing through the tree to ; the ground without damage to the leaves or flowers.

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