LADY, BE BOLD (May, 1963)


Faint heart never won fair man … or held him. Whether he’s a casual date or top guy, play to win! Learn when, where, how far to go — where to stop! Be “good” without being dull. Outwit any woman who comes between. Look innocent, act wise — be wily in the Battle of the Sexes!

In THE MAN OF YOUR LIFE you’ll find ancient magic and modern sex. How to arouse love, make up after a quarrel, prolong the honeymoon. Techniques for the teen-ager, the woman of twenty and over. Marry young and make it last! For a complete art of love, get THE MAN OF YOUR LIFE. Simile, engaged or married, you’ll be thrilled. Only 52. Money-back guarantee.

PLAZA BOOK CO., Dept 506 109 Broad St.. New York 4. N.Y.

Send THE MAN OF YOUR LIFE in plain wrapper, if not delighted, I may return it in 10 days for refund.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 25, 20112:48 pm

    Since when do women need advise on how to get sex!?

  2. TimE says: July 25, 20114:30 pm

    Maybe there was a time when nice girls finished last…

  3. Charlene says: July 26, 20118:56 am

    @Hirudinea, women who aren’t in the 2% of women considered “hot” often need advice on how to get sex. It’s fun to watch every guy in a bar lust after one or two women, whining that “any woman can get sex if she wants”, and totally ignoring every other woman in the bar – or worse.

    Many men, perhaps without knowing it, give off massive waves of barely suppressed seething contempt towards any woman they’re not attracted to. It’s hard for anyone who hasn’t been on the receiving end of that vast ocean of barely suppressed “how dare you exist, you horrible scum-slime” rage to understand how it feels. The woman gets the impression that the guy would be perfectly happy to go back in time and abort her, that’s how rageful he seems. And God help her if she tries to talk to him, even in a friendly way, without being sufficiently hot.

  4. Hirudinea says: July 26, 20114:32 pm

    @ Charlene – The same thing happens to guys every second of every day.

  5. Andrew L. Ayers says: July 26, 20119:49 pm

    @Hirudinea: My, my – what male privilege you have…

  6. Devak says: July 27, 20112:06 am

    @Charlene…I agree with Hirudinea. Guys that aren’t cute, sexy and hot may as well drop dead according to most women. Of course if a guy has some cash, then he’s always a darling. That’s the real world folks.

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