Laminated Glass Bends Like Rubber (Aug, 1936)

Laminated Glass Bends Like Rubber
A PLASTIC glass superior to any previously used has been made possible’ through the use of Vinyl plastic in the lamination or sandwich construction of the glass. Although shattered the glass remains in one piece and may be rolled up like a carpet. A man weighing over 200 pounds jumping on the glass had little success in severing the pane although it did sag under his weight. While developed especially for automobile use the glass is valuable for show windows and display cabinets.

  1. glindsey says: January 4, 200811:07 am

    I’m sure the clown suit the little man was wearing was very important… for something…

  2. Eamonn says: January 4, 20082:28 pm

    Its reassuring to know that if I hit a clown on the highway he won’t come through the windshield.

  3. mickey says: December 5, 200812:01 pm

    do you know why he wore the clown suit? because he is science’s bitch.

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