Largest Golf Club Weighs 100 Lbs. (Jun, 1934)

Largest Golf Club Weighs 100 Lbs.

THE world’s largest golf club, with a head 36 inches long, and other dimensions in proportion, is being used at opening ceremonies for various golf tournaments in California.

Three players perched on a step ladder are needed to drive off the 13 inch diameter golf ball atop its gigantic tee.

  1. Neil Russell says: June 24, 20086:21 am

    It’s a shame all this giant stuff (typewriter, Studebaker, etc) couldn’t have all been put in one of the time capsules at the World’s Fair in 39.
    That would give them something to think about in 5939 or whenever it was supposed to be opened.

  2. Toronto says: June 25, 20088:24 pm

    That would have been the World’s Biggest Time Capsule.

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