Latest Aids for the Housewife (Apr, 1931)

Latest Aids for the Housewife

Cooled by air admitted through grate in bottom, the new window refrigerator cabinet shown above keeps food safe and sanitary.

This new electric permanent waving machine enables housewives to dress their own hair at home.

This handy electric food mixer mashes potatoes, mixes icing and salads, and can be converted into fruit juice extractor.

Above photo shows new baby bottle which clamps on side of crib, chairs, etc., and folds away when not in use.

Dirt, litter, etc., is gathered up with one simple motion with this new brushpan.

  1. M.S.W. says: March 1, 20119:33 am

    The “Air-Cooled Cabinet” is as sanitary as the outdoor air quality.

  2. Jari says: March 1, 201111:37 am

    And that brushpan is useless as such when compared to the separate brush and dustpan. Maybe it could be modified to a doggie do scoop?

  3. Noah says: March 1, 20113:56 pm

    That baby clamp is a pretty good idea.
    1. Place clam on side of crib.
    2. Let baby play with clamp.
    3. Lawsuit!

    That thing is just barely stuck on the rungs, it’s a good idea, terrible implementation.

  4. Tim says: March 1, 20114:21 pm

    That kid looks like it just got done with a session on the permanent wave machine.

  5. katey says: March 1, 20119:24 pm

    That electric mixer is fantastic. Its like the love child of an art deco sugar bowl and an egg beater. Probably not as practical as the single handed electric mixers, but way cuter.

  6. Toronto says: March 1, 201110:53 pm

    Katey: The daisy shaped cooling vents and such is supposed to take your mind off the fact it’s more of a kitchen jack hammer with rotary motion. But way cuter than Will It Blend?, too.

  7. Charlene says: March 7, 20112:17 pm

    I bet there are people today who own one of those permanent wave machines but have no clue what it’s meant to be.

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