Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers (Feb, 1932)

Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers

THE height of something or other — luxury in this case—is a portable boudoir for an automobile which was exhibited at an auto show held recently in London. The case contains everything from wash basin to toothbrush holder and is mounted on the stern of a Rolls Royce, as illustrated in the photo at the left. When camping en route, the scheme proves exceedingly convenient.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 4, 20139:34 pm

    If you can afford a Rolls Royce you can afford a hotel room.(Heck you might even be able to afford the hotel.)

  2. Bill Thompson says: April 5, 20139:36 pm

    Dear Rolls-Royce Ltd.,
    Your portable boudoir is very well crafted, and works as expected: I was able to deftly cure the Master of the twin evils of morning breath and tent head after preparing his customary English Breakfast, whilst camping the previous fortnight. The only issue with your product, after which I am compelled to inquire, regard some of the more delicate operations of the Master’s morning toilet; and the noticeable lack of provision for such operations. Surely, Sir is not expected to squat behind a tree?
    I remain,
    Yr Obt Svt,

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