Latest Conveniences for the Household (Feb, 1934)

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Latest Conveniences for the Household

STARTS FURNACE FIRE. This portable gas torch expedites the chore of starting a fire in the furnace. Lighted with a match and thrust beneath the grate, it fires the coal.

MAGNET IN CAN OPENER. The arrowpoints to a steel magnet set in this can opener to attract small metal bits that otherwise might fall into the can.

LAMP PINNED TO WALL. Thumb tacks that are easily pressed into the wall are supplied with this lamp. By their means, the lamp can be put in any desired position and moved at will.

MOP QUICKLY CLEANED. When attached to vacuum cleaner, as shown in top view, this dust pan will remove the dirt from a mop when the mop is moved across it. When disconnected from the cleaner, the dust pan as shown above, can be used as an ordinary dust pan and can” be emptied by attaching it to vacuum cleaner.

MORE REFRIGERATOR SPACE. Placed on top of your refrigerator, the insulated chest, shown at right, provides additional storage space for foods. Surplus ice cubes are used to cool it.

TRAY OR SOLITAIRE BOARD. This rack, when the top is flat, can be used as a breakfast tray. With the top turned as shown, it holds cards for game of solitaire.

INDIVIDUAL TEAPOT. Each guest may have tea brewed to his personal taste, if these individual teapots are used. Pots are of glass so strength of tea can be seen.

A DEFROSTING BAG. Electric or gas refrigerators are defrosted by means of this rubber bag put around chilling unit. It removes frost in from five to eight minutes.

HOLDS STAIR CARPET. Grips of colored plastic material will hold stair carpets in place. The holding pegs slip into triangular blocks and are kept secure by friction, Corner stops, in the same material, are likewise provided.

STAND ATTACHED TO IRON. By using the attachment shown below, you can give your electric iron a built-in stand. When the button is pressed the iron is lifted clear of the board. Picking up the iron then releases the stand.

DIRT COMPARTMENT CAN BE REMOVED. This sweeper has a removable dirt container that can be lifted out and its contents disposed of without danger of spilling. The sweeper can be used safely on Oriental rugs.

COMBINATION SERVING TRAY. This hospitality tray has a number of sections in which various foods may be placed. It also has an automatic electric toaster. A cutter at one side trims the toast and slices the bread to any size you desire.

MILK BOTTLE A PITCHER. Slipping this attachment over a milk bottle converts it into a pitcher. Milk is poured from the spout by means of the wire handle.

DRIES YOUR GLOVES. When hung over this compact electric heater, wet gloves are quickly dried. Stockings and lingerie can also be dried on it without fear of damaging the fabric.

CLOSED ONION SLICER. This tumbler, with a slot in, its side, is inverted over an onion which is sliced with a knife that passes through slot.

  1. Charlene says: February 19, 201311:45 am

    I think I’ll just hold a big heavy Thirties-style lamp on the wall with THUMB TACKS while I use my personal gas torch to start the furnace.

  2. Toronto says: February 19, 20135:15 pm

    Charelene: At least it’s an electric lamp.

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