Latest Conveniences for the Household (Jul, 1934)

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Latest Conveniences for the Household

DISAPPEARING CORD. The cords for electric devices, below, are wound on spring-loaded reels concealed in the wall. When not in use, the reels wind up the cords and the plugs fit snugly into holder.

AIR WHIPS CREAM Only a few seconds are needed to produce fluffy whipped cream with the utensil seen at left. An electric air compressor in the base forces millions of air bubbles through tiny openings in the stationary bottom of the bowl, as is shown below.

CLOTHES BASKET ON PULLEY. No stooping is necessary in hanging out the family wash, if this clothes basket holder is used. By means of the pulley, the basket is hooked to the line and held at a convenient elevation. It runs easily along line on its wheel.

SAFETY WRINGER An endless apron attached to a wringer, as above, protects the hands so there is little danger of the fingers being caught by rollers. Clothes laid on the apron are fed by it into the wringer.

AIR COOLER Homes can be cooled with the electric apparatus seen at right. In one chamber, air is cooled by a water spray. This cools dry air in an adjoining chamber, and it is passed to rooms.

ELECTRIC BUFFET Hot foods are kept hot with this electric warmer. It provides room for many different dishes at once. Attractively designed, it is chromium plated with black handles while the containers are white.

HANDY ASSISTANT TO THE COOK. This metal panel, which fastens to the kitchen wall, contains a memorandum pad, a three-months calendar, egg-timing glass, and clock dial to time cooking.

TURNTABLE FOR GROCERIES. Fitted into the side of a house, this package delivery is reached through a door, as at left. After groceries are placed on it, the housewife can swing it inside, as above, and the packages are then accessible. It has upright ‘ wings to keep out wind and cold air.

ADJUSTABLE STEPLADDER. The rear legs on this stepladder are adjustable to any desired length, with the result that the ladder can be used on stairs or on slanting ground.

TOUCH OPENS DOOR. At the slightest touch of the finger upon this automatic door opener, the refrigerator door swings open. Thus jarring tugs at stuck doors are eliminated. The latch can be locked when desired.

WIRE BOTTLE HOLDER. Clipped over the neck and bottom of a bottle, this wire holder makes it easy to pour out the contents.

INCENSE CANDLES. Pleasantly perfumed, these tiny candles will burn for twenty minutes and fill the room with agreeable odor. The glass tube container in which they are sold, keeps them fresh.

NEW PAPER FOR THE KITCHEN. Paper in new form is now available for a variety of household purposes. Your vegetables may be wrapped in odorless parchment, as at left, and cooked without blend of flavor. Another kind of paper can be used to give a table top a lustrous finish, as seen above.

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