Latest for Housewives—Radio in the Kitchen Cabinet (Apr, 1932)

Latest for Housewives—Radio in the Kitchen Cabinet

THE last word in modern equipment for the kitchen would make Old Mother Hubbard turn over in her grave. This modernity is nothing less than an all electric broadcast receiver built into a kitchen cabinet, as shown in the accompanying photo.

Concealed neatly just behind the table, and finished in harmony with the rest of the cabinet, the set is easily accessible, always ready to tell the housewife the latest cooking recipes and the latest song hits to keep her cheerful. The apparatus is of the latest design, reproducing the programs with the utmost fidelity.

  1. Neil Russell says: October 20, 20085:04 pm

    See the cheerful housewife as she’s just filled up another bowl filled with the latest Paul Whiteman tunes straight from her receiving set!

  2. Charlene says: October 20, 20089:52 pm

    Thank goodness her radio is so clearly labelled. We wouldn’t want the little lady to think it was the thermostat, would we?

  3. Rawkstah says: October 20, 200811:12 pm

    It’ll take more than a radio to make a woman cheerful in a kitchen. Maybe if it came with an illegal imigrant to do all the work…

  4. Torgo says: October 21, 200812:00 am

    If life was like that picture we would all be much happier.

  5. Gregly says: October 21, 200810:05 am

    Reminds me of the 1930’s salesman trying to sell an oven to Leela and the Professor on Futurama: “And under here, a foot-soaking tub, since you’ll be standing in front of it all day.”

  6. Woof says: May 31, 20093:34 pm

    When is she going to have time to listen to the radio?

    She has the cooking cleaning, laundry, washing up and gardening to do as well as wash her husbands car when he gets home and look after his needs

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