Latest in Mechanical Helpers for the Housewife (Nov, 1931)

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Latest in Mechanical Helpers for the Housewife

Equipped with umbrella-like array of clothes racks and a rapid heater unit in the base, this electric drier does the work of 75 feet of clothes line and a hot sun. Extremely light, it can be set up anywhere and folded away instantly. Jacket snaps over clothes to conserve the heat.

Removing base turns new percolator into beverage pitcher. Container unit screws on heater base.

This five minute sand glass, placed near telephone, indicates number of minutes talk lasts by marks on the tubes.

Do you have to sort out your shoes to get the right pair together? The new shoe holder shown above does away with this nuisance, as it holds shoes in pairs instantly available in wardrobe or closet. The shoes are placed over the twin wooden forms as illustrated and hung from hooks on back of closet door. Several of these holders can be attached in one location. The forms have the additional advantage of keeping shoes in good shape.

Of great interest to housewives confronted with the task of cleaning their wall paper is this ingenious mop, which is equipped with rubber pad that absorbs grime with surprising thoroughness. The pad is clamped on end of short-handled holder, as illustrated in the photo, and can be washed and dried for repeated using.

Ice cream or ice cubes may be made almost instantly with this new quick action freezer, which has gallon capacity. Special rotating cylinder filled with ice and salt, lasting an hour, produces ice cream in the tray. Right —Especially designed for steaming velvet, felt hats, cushions, draperies, scarfs, etc., this new portable steam furniture renovator performs wide variety of other tasks, such as humidifying dry air, giving steam treatments for facial and scalp troubles and evaporating disinfectants and inhaling fluids. It weighs only two and one-half pounds and operates from a light socket.

If stray cats and dogs have a habit of sampling your milk in the morning you can do away with the nuisance by having the bottles hung in a new milk bottle holder, which is attached to the wall, well out of reach of marauders. The holder is cadmium plated.

  1. porcelana says: September 17, 20071:09 am

    interesting five minute sand glass 🙂
    all old things are really gr8

  2. Stannous says: September 17, 20079:27 pm

    “The holder is cadmium plated.”

    Holy crap!!!!!

    *Acute exposure (ingested) – affects the kidneys, liver and intestinal tract. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain or a choking sensation.
    *Acute exposure (inhaled) – affects the lungs. High levels may cause pneumonitis (lung inflammation) and pulmonary oedema (fluid in the lungs). Symptoms include breathlessness and coughing. ‘Metal fume fever’ can be life threatening.
    *Chronic exposure – conditions from long term exposure include kidney dysfunction, anaemia and lung conditions. Some studies suggest that occupational inhalation may be associated with some types of cancer, such as those of the prostate and lung.

    But at least the cats and dogs won’t get the cream…

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