Latest in Radio Treasure Finders (Nov, 1933)

Latest in Radio Treasure Finders

GOLDEN treasures buried in the earth long ago by misers, pirates and thieves cannot hold out much longer against the swarm of radio treasure finders that are now scouring the countryside.

Two of the latest instruments to appear are pictured in action below. At left is the highly efficient Metalloscope, which amounts to a miniature radio transmitting and receiving set that projects waves down into the earth to locate buried metal. Public utilities companies are making wide use of it to locate old pipe lines, etc. At right is treasure finder developed at California U.

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    Stilt motorcycle & alt metal detector…

    Stunting motorcyclist rides built-up motor bike on stilts. Modern Mechanix 1934 – Link. Latest in radio treasure finders. Modern Mechanix 1933 – Link. More @ Modern Mechanix – Link…….

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