Latest in Travel—Two-Wheeled Cart With Auto Tires (Oct, 1932)

Latest in Travel—Two-Wheeled Cart With Auto Tires
MARTIN SOADACK, combination farmer and general handyman of Baldwins-ville, New York, likes comfort when he rides, and the rocky and rutty road between his home and town had none of these conveniences to offer.

But was Mr. Soadack downhearted? He was not. A little mechanical ingenuity was brought into action and now Mr. Soadack suffers from the “jounces” no more. What conquered the situation is shown in the accompanying photo. When Mr. Soadack had decided that he had been bumped about for the last time, he descended upon a junkyard and there procured two old auto wheels. Next he procured a two-wheeled cart, and then assembled his acquisitions.

Now Mr. Soadack rides to town in comfort and is said to give his friends the laugh when he passes them on the road.

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    Still common throughout the 3rd world:




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