LATEST INVENTIONS for Household Convenience (Sep, 1931)

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LATEST INVENTIONS for Household Convenience

For health and comfort in homes, this novel humidifier which throws moisture into air in form of unheated vapor is now being marketed. Electrically driven cone spouts tiny water particles upward by centrifugal force.

Equipped with long wooden handle, this new holder lifts hot pans from stove by strong alligator-like jaws.

Made of reinforced rubber tile available in thirty colors, these new drainboards eliminate danger of cracked and broken dishes, and cannot be chipped or dented like enamel-covered drainboards. The material is applied to a wood base, resulting in solid, impervious surface, and is not affected by cigarettes, cigars or lighted matches, as colors are permanent throughout entire thickness. Tile is produced under high pressure and heat.

Threaded through two parallel rods, garments hung on this new hanger cannot slide to one side and become rumpled when the device is tilted as illustrated.

The nuisance of banging doors is eliminated once and for all by use of the easily-installed door check shown above. A piston working in a compressed air chamber acts as a buffer, striking a plunger screw in the door jamb. The device may be installed either at top or bottom of the doorway. Right—This labor-saving mechanical vegetable dicer performs the feat of cutting a whole potato at one movement, a mere down stroke of the lever doing the trick. The potato or other vegetable is placed in a holder and forced downward through coarse, mesh-like arrangement of knives.

Of interest to home owners is the new washable cellulose-coated wall paper which resists ink and grease.

  1. Charlene says: November 16, 201112:48 pm

    “Dice” – I do not think it means what they think it means.

  2. Toronto says: November 16, 20112:56 pm

    Charlene: No, but once you’ve made french-fries out of your spud, it’s a heck of a lot easier to dice them. I happen to have a nice chipper (roughly Harvey’s gauge, not McDonald’s) and it’s great for making quick dice as well as excellent fries. It’s faster than a mandolin, too. (I use that when I want – or my son requests – waffle-cut fries.)

  3. M.S.W. says: November 17, 20111:16 pm

    Weird how that bowl of freshly “diced” potato sticks look like the cut edges are darker than the flat surfaces of the sticks. Almost making look like they are glow red white hot sticks of steel 😉

  4. whoozle whaazle says: November 18, 20118:34 am

    @M.S.W : Those [S]hot sticks of steel[/S] will go well with my Krusty’s Ribwich. They’re practically made from the same ‘stuff’ 😉

    Krusty’s Ribwich –…

    (sorry, it has been dubbed over in German but you get the point)

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