Latest Inventions Modernize the Old Fashioned Home (Oct, 1933)

I love the dial on the weather making machine with settings for Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring. Do you think you use that to tell it what season it is? Or what season you want it to be?

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Latest Inventions Modernize the Old Fashioned Home

Maximum heat is extracted from coal by this new pulverizing mill which blows powdered coal into furnace like jet of gas. From the hopper, holding week’s supply, slack coal is conveyed to grinding mill, and thence, powdered, to blower. Thermostat and pres-surestat control operation, saving many dollars in fuel.

Coffee available in compressed tablet form eliminates messiness. Each cake is divided into four segments, each of which is the proper size for a cup of coffee. Corn syrup cements the coffee grounds together.

Air is distributed evenly throughout room by cabinet fitting over electric fan. Cabinet is made of metal with fine screen mesh in front to act as a safety guard. Fits any fan.

Heat, light and refrigeration is furnished to most remote farmhouse by new home gas generator. Storage battery or home lighting plant operates low H.P. motor. Fuel tank of any desired size is installed three feet underground, storage tank in basement, while pipes connect with any type gas stove. Automatic switch keeps tank always full of gas, which thus flows always steady and continuous. How generator is connected to gas stove is illustrated above.

Ingenious little ice tongs just placed on the market make it unnecessary to use your hands in handling ice cubes. Pressing stem with thumb opens tongs to grip or release ice cube. Device is attractively finished.

Instantaneous cooling of beer is accomplished in this newly patented device that carries beer in coils through a liquid cooling medium. Device is hooked between beer barrel and faucet, and temperature of beer leaving faucet can be controlled to any degree.

This home weather making machine is so automatic that turning dial of radio-like cabinet (at right) produces any kind of weather desired. It cools in summer, heats in winter, controls humidity, purifies and circulates air the year round. Installed in basement, with a control cabinet in every room,

With this new mechanical sock darner the housewife can mend her husband’s footwear in few minutes. Set of hooks in the instrument raise the edges of the hole, making it easy to pass the needle through. A ring holds sock firmly in place during darning procedure.

  1. Stannous says: August 23, 20075:52 pm

    I love the instant beer cooler idea *looks at old broken fridge.* ‘Hmmm, I wonder…’

  2. Julie says: August 24, 20073:38 pm

    “Installed in basement, with a control cabinet in every room.”

    So what if I don’t have a basement — I can still insist on having a pleasant controller box with a knob labeled “Fall • Winter • Summer • Spring” on my coffee table

  3. Ninjalicious says: August 28, 20071:34 pm

    I want those Ice cube tongs. Think of how many chicks would totally dig those.

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