Wow. Just… wow. It’s putting this article under the heading of “SCIENCE” that really does it for me.

Also, if you combine the ad on the left with the article on the right, I think you have the origins of a truly disgusting fetish.

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One of the liveliest and most promising young industries in America is the quick-frozen-foods business which, in five years, has increased its sales from 10,000,000 lb. of meat, vegetables, fruit and fish to more than 150,000,000 lb. Still in the throes of experiment, frozen-foods companies are seriously concerned with the problem of packing meat and poultry. Because these products come in irregular sizes, they (Cannot be put into orthodox square packages before being frozen. When exposed unwrapped to low freezing temperatures, they sometimes dry out, suffer unsightly “freezer burns.”

One way of solving this problem is the Cryovac process, owned by Dewey & Almy Chemical Co. of Cambridge, Mass., now being used experimentally. Cryovac means “cold and empty.” Meat or poultry to be frozen is wrapped tight in a latex balloon which keeps it from drying out, makes an attractive wrapping. The commercial use of Cryovac is shown on page 52. To demonstrate this scientific accomplishment the makers of Cryovac can seal a pretty girl in one of their containers, as shown here.

The Dewey & Almy Chemical Co. have two main lines of business. One is making the compound which canners use to seal tops to cans. The other is making latex meteorological balloons for weather observations. In Cryovac, Dewey & Almy neatly combine their packing and their balloon interests.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: December 23, 20094:26 pm

    Just the name “Crab Orchard” sounds confusing.

  2. Charlene says: December 23, 20097:04 pm

    I love that big fake smile she’s got pasted onto her face. You can imagine her reminding herself of how much she’s being paid to do this.

  3. Sleestak says: December 24, 200912:30 pm

    I wonder how she held up after all those years?

  4. JMyint says: December 24, 200910:23 pm

    Julie Atlas Muntz does a routine with a large latex balloon.

  5. Beagledad says: December 31, 20092:02 pm

    I’m far more interested in the family drama happening on the left side of the page. Notice they don’t tell us until panel #4 that they’re advertising a laxative.

  6. pryapart says: January 8, 20102:04 pm

    Isn’t Castoria in Oregon?

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