LAW – Study at home (Jun, 1935)

Would that be British law? Does it come with a free wig?

LAW – Study at home

Legally trained men win high positions and big success in business and public life. Be independent. Greater opportunities now than ever before. Big corporations are headed by men with legal training.

We guide you step by step. You can train at home during spare time. Degree of LL. B. conferred. Successful graduates in every section of U.S. We furnish all text material, including fourteen-volume Law Library. Low cost, easy terms. Get our valuable 64-page “Law Guide” and “Evidence” books free. Send for them NOW.

LaSalle Extension University
he World’s Largest Business Training Institution
Dept, 560-L, Chicago, Ill.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 2, 20119:36 am

    Yea, I’m not buying it unless I get a wig!

  2. Charlene says: June 2, 201111:36 am

    LaSalle eventually got itself into a legal mess over its advertising, particularly regarding its law program. The school eventually had to add a disclaimer to their ad that stated, “No state accepts any law home study course, including La Salle’s, as sufficient education to qualify for admission to practice law.”

    I wonder how many people spent money on this course expecting to become lawyers and found it was all but worthless.

  3. Jari says: June 2, 20113:01 pm

    Charlene: As I consider all lawyers worthless, it kind of fits…..

  4. aqsa khan says: November 15, 201111:54 pm

    salaam i want to study law at home plz tell me how i study at home plz i am waiting for ur reply plz help email is [email protected] plz tell me something

  5. aqsa khan says: November 15, 201111:56 pm

    i am from pakistan in lahore.
    plz help me.i read in 2nd year class.i am 17 years old.

  6. Toronto says: November 16, 20118:14 am

    Aqsa Khan: I’m afraid you have misunderstood this web site. The advertizement shown is from a magazine from 1935 – 76 years ago. It is not shown here as an ad, but as a historic relic.

    Best of luck with your studies.

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