Leader Twirls Dials To Conduct Band (Sep, 1939)

Leader Twirls Dials To Conduct Band

INSTEAD of waving a baton, Buddy Wagner, New York dance-band leader, twirls dials and levers on a control panel to mix the tones and adjust the volume of each section of his novel electrified orchestra. Crystal pick-ups are attached to each instrument, and the music produced is amplified and then wired to three loudspeakers set in front of the electric swing band, as seen in the photograph above.

  1. Torgo says: July 19, 20085:15 pm

    And thus Arena Rock was born.

    Seriously though, I want a pair of those speakers.

  2. Charlene says: July 19, 20087:49 pm

    What is waving the baton supposed to do, anyway?

  3. Anne says: July 20, 20081:07 am

    The baton waving gives the musicians their cues to play slightly louder, quieter, faster, slower.

  4. Joey O'Neill says: July 20, 200811:57 am

    Electrically amplified music? It’ll never catch on 😛

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