Learn at Home to Mount Birds – Animals – Game Heads – Fish (Nov, 1933)

This is a wonderful ad. You see, hunting is not about quantity, it’s about quality. Quality mounting that is. And this guy Jack, well it’s nothing but quality for him. Just look at his beautiful living room. Is that a leopard on his mantle? You bet it it is! A baby leopard at that! And, is that rabbit actually firing a rifle? That Jack, what a kidder! On the other side of the mantle, what is that? A meerkat? Lemur? Guessing is all part of the fun with taxidermy!

Don’t forget to make your very own squirrel lighter. Nothing says pleasure like lighting your pipe with a dead rodent!

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Learn at Home to Mount Birds – Animals – Game Heads – Fish

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Taxidermy Craft-Work
Learn to make unique and USEFUL articles, such as the rabbit-lamp, squirrel-lighter, and owl-book end shown to the left. Dozens of others. Great for sportsmen’s dens. Use COMMON specimens—even frogs. HERE’S A DELIGHTFUL NEW AND PROFITABLE HOBBY.

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  1. Sleestak says: January 22, 20075:23 pm

    Those two women look a little uncomfortable at being in that den of horrors. Or is that the way Fred posed them?

  2. Charlie says: January 22, 20075:30 pm

    Hehe, I never even considered that! Do you really think Fred and Jack mounted their wives? Erm, wait that sounds dirty. Do you think they stuffed their wives? Hm, still dirty.

  3. maria says: December 30, 200710:06 am

    its unhuman to make fures from chinchila’s bodies. i have a chinchila and i hate people who kill them. pls be human. animals have soul two. thnx.
    maria from cyprus – nicosia

  4. Andrew says: February 1, 20093:30 pm

    I took the course by mail in approximately 1975. I lost my completion certificate, and would like to obtain a new one. Please advise how to do so.

    Thank you,
    Andrew Genna
    [email protected]

    NORTHWESTERN SCHOOL OF TAXIDERMY 3398 Elwood Bldg. Omaha. Neb.

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