Learn How to HYPNOTIZE! (Jun, 1949)

Learn How to HYPNOTIZE!

Develop your personal POWER!

NOW… revealed tor you … are the secrets of practical hypnotism … that strange, compelling force by which an expert operator can bring others under his power. He can sway people at will—issue commands and be obeyed—virtually cast a spell over his subjects. This sensational knowledge may make YOU a more dominant, masterful personality.

Illustrated SELF-INSTRUCTION COURSE in Useful Hypnotism

Amazing lessons in simple, easy-to-understand language. How to select a subject— how to hypnotize by telephone—how to make money from hypnotism—mental telepathy— stage hypnotism—self-hypnosis—how to use modern hypnotism to conquer inferiority complex, timidity, etc. Clear helpful pictures show operating positions, movements. Startling low price. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

Full price only $1.95 postpaid, nothing: more to pay. You will be amazed at what practical hypnotism can do for you! Use the no-risk coupon below . . . and mail it today.
Nelson-Hall Co., 1139 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III.

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  1. raid says: August 14, 20064:30 am

    hey nice to meet you i really want to learn on how to hypnotize people but then i am living in singapore and i don’t really know how to buy the product and please tell me the price too thank you looking foward to your reply


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