Train quickly in 8 short weeks at Toledo for a bright future with security in the vital meat business. Big pay, full time jobs – HAVE A PROFITABLE MARKET OF YOUR OWN! Pay after graduation. Diploma given. Job help. Thousands of successful graduates. Our 41st year! Send NOW for FREE catalog. No obligation. G.I. Approved.

  1. Anne says: April 9, 200811:15 am

    Catalog? I can’t see one short 8 week course needing that much explanation. I’m sure they meant something more like ‘brochure’, but I can’t help picturing being able to choose different classes (like a modern college course catalog). Choosing from learning how to cut up pigs and cows or elk and seals (depending on where you live in the country).

  2. Ronald Brathwaite says: June 14, 20081:47 pm

    Dear sir
    I am a past student this school (october 9 ,1982)student number 167
    and a member of the booster’s club.I am requsting permission to use
    the lesson assignment on meat cutting,lamb,beef,pork and other infomation in the reference outline,as training course handouts.please email permission and whatever charges to be paid with payment information or post to Ronald Brathwaite.
    474 west terrace,
    West Indies.

  3. Charlie says: June 15, 200812:49 pm

    Sorry Ronald, I only have the ad, not the actual material.

  4. jeff says: June 15, 20094:40 pm

    A book was passed down to me as i became a meat cutter. Its a big book with many pages with the title National School of Meat Cutting. It was published in 1942. It explains everything from tools you need to cutting beef, pork, veal, mutton, ect. pretty much its all you need to know to run your own meat dep. I was wondering if this book had much value.

  5. bob says: August 8, 20092:33 pm

    need more info on school were can i find it.bob

  6. Dave N says: December 13, 20098:31 pm

    Back in 1964 while training in the military at Fort Lewis, WA I was told that there are seven different grains in a flank steak. I have been unable to verify this and wonder if anyone has any information.

  7. Firebrand38 says: December 13, 20098:49 pm

    Dave N: I’ve only ever seen the one since it’s a primal cut from a single muscle http://www.askthemeatma…

    I mean, come on if it really bothered you, go buy a flank steak and slice it to find the “seven different grains” running through it.

    Or watch this http://www.youtube.com/…

  8. Chester Stout says: December 20, 20097:41 pm

    In the 1940’s my Father, William King John Stout, taught at the Toledo meat cutting school. He went on to be head meat cutter for the Alber’s grocery chain in the late 40’s till his death in 1952. I did not follow in his foot steps. I was only 9yrs old at the time of his death, but I can remember the times when he would take me to the store with him and try to teach me to cut meat. Is there any records or photos of him from when he was there.

  9. Arie J. Griffioen says: February 15, 201011:20 am

    I recently found my Dad’s diploma (1950) from the National School of Meat Cutting, Home Training Division, Inc., Toledo. He was Arie Griffioen, Jr and died in 1997. The diploma was signed by the Director, John Bla(?)son and the President, Thomas E. Lattus(?) My guess is that he was sent there by Lenger’s Supermarket in Grand Rapids, MI.

    Anybody remember him, or the school around this time?

  10. Edward says: February 16, 20101:55 pm

    yes i have a complete set of meat cutting home study books. there are 25 books in all. they are titled profitable meat cutting and successful meat merchandising. they are from mational school of meat cutting toledo 4, ohio. they are copyright 1942 revised and copyrighted 1947. i want to know if they are worth anything. thanks.

  11. sanjay says: February 19, 20104:50 am

    sir please mail me you address of mumbai

  12. Richard Romero says: July 21, 201010:33 pm

    I am a meatcutter in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to purchase this Book if someone is interested. A co-worker has this book and it is very informative. 408-221-2487

  13. Richard Sorenson says: August 8, 20108:09 pm

    I graduateds from Nat’l school of meat cutting, TYoledo, OH in 1960
    Joe Kiley from Ireland was in my class.
    He moved to Oregon with me after graduation., then went back to Ireland.
    I have the big meat cutting book.

  14. Rocky Lee says: September 20, 20101:54 pm

    Response to comment number 9.

    I don’t remember the meat cutter’s name, though I grew up 2 blocks from Lenger’s supermarket in Grand Rapids. Went for milk there twice a week at least between 1965 and 1975.

    Good luck with your search.

  15. pete b says: December 3, 20105:56 am

    Hi everyone, I graduated from there in 1967. You learned alot in a short period of time. I got a job with Grand Union Supermarkets a week after I graduated. I still have all the books, they are in hard cover binder. The course back then I believe was $250.00. Are they still there?

  16. wj2a2 says: December 6, 20107:52 pm

    I worked at Lenger’s from September, 1973 ‘til some time after high school graduation in 1974, mebbe into 1975. I absolutely hated that place. I’m trying to think who was in the meat department at that time. There was an older gentleman, short and heavy, wore glasses, drove a Cadillac, remember his face but not his name. I believe that he was the head of the meat department. We had several discussions when we took lunch together. The others were much younger, college aged or so.
    This was probably after your father worked there.
    There was another grocery store further north on Division, also on the west side, smaller than Lenger’s, perhaps your father worked there but I don’t remember them having a meat department. Run by a father and his gorgeous blonde daughter. I remember buying snacks in there but not much else.

  17. wj2a2 says: December 6, 20107:55 pm

    Woops, when I started there, there was another older man who worked meats, usually would be seen leaning over with arms resting on the meat counter. I forgot about him. He may have been a meat cutter, but also have forgotten his name. He also wore glasses and had grey hair going white

  18. Alvin A. Stumpf says: January 27, 20114:00 pm

    I would appreciate any information about the “National School Of Meat Cutting” Toledo Ohio, particularly from any students.

    About the courses, photos of the building, number of students?

    I have only heard good things about the school.

    We are considering establishing
    a school in Northern Ohio for meat cutting and sausage making, been making sausage as Germans for 100 years plus years of meat cutting and training experience.

    Contact me at 440.842.5111 or [email protected]. 6379 Springwood, Parma Hts. , Ohio 44130

    Thanks hope to hear from you……

    Al Stumpf

  19. sagit diwan says: February 25, 20119:21 am

    i want to learn meat cutting. how i can get admosson in the scool. what is the proces for internationl student. iam from india and i get admison. pls send the prospect for your school thanks

  20. Ryan says: March 10, 20114:10 pm

    I’m a meat cutter in canada and find it hard to get reference books regarding the trade. In response to comment # 10.
    I have the complete collection to Thomas fabiccante ;Practicle meat cutting series it is a 3 text book set , I found them seperatly for around $20 each ( They’re all in good bindings/condition) But when I look for the set know it’s worth $650-$700.

  21. Ryan says: March 10, 20114:16 pm

    I’m a meat cutter in canada and find it hard to get reference books regarding the trade. In response to comment # 10.
    I have the complete collection to Thomas fabiccante ;Practicle meat cutting series it is a 3 text book set , I found them seperatly for around $20 each ( They’re all in good bindings/condition) But when I look for the set now it’s worth $650-$700.

  22. John says: March 10, 20114:25 pm

    Ryan: You can say that again!

  23. Pat says: March 12, 20119:58 pm

    To the person who’s dad went to the national school of meat cutting in Toledo Ohio, My dad also went there and I think it was 1950, His name was Robert Williams, he was from Youngwood Pennsylvania but later moved to Parma Ohio where i was raised. They may have known each other. He passed away in February (2011) at 82 and I an still trying to get over it. I was sorting and found his binders with booklets in them.

  24. jim says: March 25, 20116:29 pm

    i went to a meat cutting school in the colorado state penitentiary from 87-94 and have 2 of the huge binders with the lessons (50 or so} inside. they are fron the toledo school. Im currently a cutter for whole foods.

  25. Ryan says: March 27, 201112:03 am

    Jim ,do you know what isbn # is ? Would like to research these binders for content. PS I think there’s an opening @ a whole foods here any suggestions.

  26. Ivan Castillo says: June 10, 201110:03 am

    People, I work for a grocery chain here in Oklahoma City. We are in Need of meat cutters willing to relocate if you are interested shoot me an email to [email protected] or give me a call to 405-302-6273 x347

    we offer great pay, benefits, medical, dental, vision, 401k

    please also spread the word!!!! let your friends know.

  27. Ivan Castillo says: June 10, 201110:05 am

    Oklahoma needs meat cutters!! call me if you are interested!!!! 405-302-6273 x 347

    or shoot me an email [email protected]

  28. Christina says: August 28, 201110:31 am

    Hi! Thought this blog may have interest in a recent eBay listing I have posted ending Sunday September 4, 2011. Feel free to share. If my item does not sell on eBay I will list it on other sites (Bonanza.com). If you have any interest in this item, please contact me through eBay or directly at [email protected] .

    National School of Meat Cutting Course Book Memorabilia (#320750872033)


  29. Randy Lee says: September 25, 20118:57 am

    I’m looking for course book memorabilia from the national school of meatcutting 33 N. Superior Street Toledo, Ohio. circa say.. 1980.

  30. Rich Marano says: February 2, 20121:34 pm

    My Dad, Albert Marano, of Waterbury, CT, graduated from the National School of Meat Cutting in December, 1947. I am searching for his class photo.

  31. Noel DeLaughter says: February 29, 20124:31 pm

    any idea where I can find book # 30 of the 1950 reprint as this is the only one that is keeping the set I have from birng complete?

  32. David Turpen says: April 27, 201211:19 am

    I went to this school in 1965 for the eight week course. I still have one of my knives that is stamped with my # 111 and I have the course binder with all the books (Chapters) in it. I cut meat for five years. Got tendinitise in my arms , elbos, hands and had to change occupation in the early seventies. My graduating class was THREE. My picture and certificate is somewhere in a storage box.

  33. rydehaan says: November 14, 20125:35 pm

    Hi is anyone interested in making a coppy of the course binder or is there a complete course binder available. I’m a butcher that would like to share this info to pass on the trade. As most cutters don’t even know of some of the special works that butchers can do. And don’t even know where the cuts are on the carcass. The newer books are only geared to box ready cuts.

    e-mail me at: [email protected]
    Thank you

  34. mark Barone says: December 2, 20126:22 pm

    I am a graduate from 1981. I still have my knife and picture. I wish I kept my manuals. I did learn a great deal in such a short period of time. I cut meat for Scott’s Foods in RI for 8 years. I still love to cut meat at home. it is really a lost art.

  35. mark Barone says: December 2, 20126:24 pm

    Does anyone know if it is still running or what year it closed?

  36. bfoote says: November 11, 20139:47 am

    The school closed down in 1985. There was a market attached to the school where you were sent to apply your skills towards the end of the course. I name of the market was Kurtz. It closed down 1986. Im a 1984 alumni.

  37. gscan127 says: May 5, 20154:36 am

    My name is George Scanlin and I would like to know where I can get a set of the of the National School of Meatcutting books. I attended the school in 1976 or 1977, it’s been a while. I would also like to know if anyone might know how to get a copy of my graduation certificate. Email: [email protected]

  38. lifecafe28 says: February 15, 20168:06 am

    I have a COMPLETE instruction manual, photo of the December 1957 graduating class AND a list of names with addresses from that class. I intend to post it on ebay. It is in amazing condition.

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