Learn SHELLCRAFT (Dec, 1955)


Wonderful, New. Easy—Up to 500% Profits! Make Shell Lamps, Shell Jewelry and Novelties. Sell for BIG PROFITS! Markets everywhere. Hand-in-Action PLAN designed for you … to learn and earn as you succeed in Shellcraft.

FREE Genuine Sea Shells, full color pictures, and Hand-in-Action Plan Folder. Write.

637-26th ST. S., ST. PETERSBURG, FLA.

  1. Neil Russell says: December 24, 200711:24 am

    Despite enthusiastic promotion by the sales staff, the first McDonald’s Fish sandwich somehow didn’t meet with much success

  2. Stannous says: December 24, 200712:37 pm

    Before I took the Shellcraft I was just gluing random crap to shells. Now, thanks to the “Hand-in-Action Plan Folder” I’m gluing sea-themed crap to shells!!

  3. Max says: December 24, 20071:09 pm

    Ronald Reagan certainly appeared in a lot of print ads in those days!

  4. Thundercat says: December 24, 20076:55 pm

    The ads that the National Shellcraft School puts out aren’t great, but you should see the campus!

  5. Firebrand38 says: December 26, 20075:58 pm

    Anybody in St Pete want to swing by the address and see what’s there now?:)

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