By mail at home or in our Resident School. Men and women artists earn good salaries at easy work. Individual, practical instruction. We guarantee proficiency or money refunded. Positions assured. Illustrating, Cartooning, Commercial Designing:, Mechanical, Architectural, and Sheet Metal Pattern Drafting taught by instructors trained in Europe and America. Advisory Board approves lessons. Test work sent free to find out your needs and probable success. Tell course wanted.

Acme School of Drawing, 1272 S. St., Kalamazoo, Mich.

  1. Hirudinea says: January 22, 20138:10 am

    The Klan needs Cartoonists!

  2. experiment 626 says: January 22, 20138:46 am

    Well I hate to say it but I’m black but it doesn’t really bug me for some reason.

  3. Hirudinea says: January 22, 20139:33 am

    @ experiment 626 – It probably doesn’t bug you because it’s just SO outrageous, I mean it’s hard to take seriously.

  4. experiment 626 says: January 22, 20132:31 pm

    that’s a good point! it doesn’t help that today’s world is desensitized to such things like the N word and gangs and other things like that,I think that must explain it too.

  5. Toronto says: January 22, 20135:45 pm

    Sometimes a caricature is just a caricature, with no malicious intent. Bob Hope’s nose wasn’t really that long or thin. Nixon’s eyebrows didn’t have their own Secret Service detail. Not all pirates (as in the Famous Artists school) wore eye patches.

    But more to the point, this company’s contact line contains both “Acme” and “Kalamazoo” – that’s a win.

  6. quadibloc says: January 22, 20137:24 pm

    I did some searching. In 1906, they used a picture of an artist at his desk with a bag of money, and in 1910, an inoccuous caricature, but they used this picture in both 1908 and 1909. Of course, that long ago, the general level of sensitivity on these matters was much lower than it is today. An ad like this would have been shocking in 1950… but not so much then.

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