Learn to Fly—Right on Ground (Apr, 1934)

Learn to Fly—Right on Ground

A RECENTLY developed machine gives actual flying instruction to beginning aviators when a coin is placed in the slot.

A small plane is fixed within a glass cage, which is also a miniature wind tunnel. The plane is controlled by regulation joystick, rudder pedals and throttle handled by the embryo pilot seated just in front of the apparatus.

The model plane reacts accurately to the operator’s handling of the controls. The coin starts the wind tunnel fan, keeping it running for any predetermined time.

  1. Randy says: February 7, 20087:12 am

    The Children’s Museum I take my kids to (http://www.cmom.com/) has something very, very similar to this in the FedEx sponsored aviation section of the museum. It’s pretty neat, but the wind is blowing right in your face, so you can’t do it too long. At the museum, though, it’s free.

  2. Stannous says: February 7, 200811:51 am

    And to simulate G-forces a man in a grey suit will lean over and push you down against the seat when you pull out of a dive!

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