Leathercraft – The “HE-MAN” HOBBY (Nov, 1953)

Leathercraft – The “HE-MAN” HOBBY

Make Leather Items for Gifts, to Sell, or for Your Own Use Get started now. LARSON Beginners’ Kits of ready-cut projects require no tools or experience. Free instructions included. Make belts, gloves, moccasins, billfolds, woolskin animals and mittens, other attractive leather items. Also America’s most complete stock for advanced hobbyists and professional craftsmen. SEND 10c TODAY for big illustrated catalog.

J. C. LARSON CO., 820 So. Tripp Ave.

  1. Don says: April 20, 201011:25 am

    And with a little practice (and some talent) you can make beautiful things like this: http://steveb.biz/sampl…

  2. slim says: April 20, 20101:26 pm

    My Aunt Pearl did leathercraft. She even let me try my hand at it. I never knew it was a he-man hobby. I remember in the 50’s visiting a Tandy store with her to get supplies. Great smell. Tandy is still around.

  3. Toronto says: April 20, 20109:40 pm

    Tandy owned Radio Shack for the longest time.

  4. Sean says: April 21, 20104:31 am

    I thought crushing the minions of Skeletor was the He-Man hobby.

  5. Firebrand38 says: April 21, 20108:46 am

    Sean: It’s complicated

  6. jayessell says: April 21, 20109:40 am

    FB: That reminds me of this:


  7. KD5ZS says: April 21, 20103:40 pm

    First stag films and now leather what next?

  8. Charlene says: April 21, 20105:45 pm

    It’s a man’s life on the Modern Mechanix blog.

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