LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds (Jul, 1940)

Is it just me, or does that cat look fake? If there is one thing the internet should be good at, it’s determining the authenticity of cat pictures. After all, that is what it’s made of (video).

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds

A DOG that adopted twin mice, a cat that mothers a bloodhound, and a parrot that is chummy with a St. Bernard—these are the strange animal relationships pictured on this page. The Spitz, belonging to an Atlanta, Ga., resident, recently discovered two newly born mice in a closet, and instead of tearing them to bits, hauled them out and took on the role of their protector. The cat shown at the right decided to add a bloodhound puppy that her Forth Worth, Tex., owner brought home to her litter of ten-day-old kittens. The friendship between the St. Bernard and the parrot was formed in a Cleveland, Ohio, home.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 30, 20138:48 am

    The internet is made of cats and pornography, you can’t forget the pornography. Anyway I think the cat is real, he just doesn’t want anyone taking away his dinner.

  2. blast says: April 30, 201311:12 am

    Go get your own rat! This big one’s mine.

  3. Darren says: April 30, 20136:45 pm

    Fake cat. The fur on his tail doesn’t look right. And what’s with the cat smiling for the camera, it just adds to the fakeness. The dog is real though.

  4. studer says: August 17, 20134:27 pm

    The tail looks painted — maybe they painted over some other object? Or animal? Too much retouching in that photo to tell if it’s real, at least from this scan.

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