Letter Chopper (Aug, 1935)

Unless you want someone to reconstruct your letter a few decades later, you’re still probably better burning your documents. Just ask the Stasi.

Letter Chopper

DON’T burn old papers now, but turn them into fine shreds, which nobody-can put together and read. That is now the German way of disposing of documents past their usefulness; a large manufacturer has produced the motor-driven machine above.

  1. Bob says: January 26, 20086:33 am

    shred, burn the shreddings, soak in water and stir. Do it right and even CSI cannot recover what was on the paper.

  2. jayessell says: January 26, 200810:45 am

    a: An episode of Futurama had official documents shredded, blended, mulched, then converted back into blank paper.

    Commendable recycling except the documents are destroyed without ever being read.

    2: Despite the existance of shredders, tons of incriminating documents remain revealing the details of the Holocaust.

    c: The photo decription refers to the photo not shown.

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