LICORICE may create new assets for you (Apr, 1953)

LICORICE may create new assets for you
Some business—perhaps yours—may soon find an additional source of wealth through licorice. This could happen by improving on some product now in use or developing a brand new one.
A prime example of product improvement from research is to be found in the tobacco industry. For many years now, licorice has been added to certain tobacco products to improve the taste, and also as a mellowing and conditioning agent. And a prime example of a new product as the reward for research is Foamite Firefoam— a foam of great staying power obtained from the “spent” root after completion of the initial extraction process.
Other advances in licorice research are given in the accompanying list of new and potential uses for Nature’s sweetest substance. Some of these are still largely experimental, others are making practical gains. But all of them are known to show promise of development. The present diversified uses for licorice suggest that experiments originating in your own laboratories may uncover still more applications for the ancient “sweet root.” We don’t know all the answers, but we have the licorice and licorice derivatives, plus the know-how, to help you find them.
Some New or Potential Uses for Licorice And Licorice Derivatives
Flavoring for ice cream • Antioxidant to keep chewing gum fresh • Prolonging foam in porter and ale • Soft drink flavoring . Aging and mellowing smoking pipes • Improving meat and fish sauces • Therapeutic agent in treatment of Addison’s disease • Mild regulator in feed for horses, cattle and chickens • Remedy for roup Stabilizing acid latex • Flotation agent in ore separation
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